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About Us

We are the women behind Mama Love Collective and let us just start by saying that we are so glad you're here! As moms ourselves, we know firsthand how trying motherhood can be, which is why we have made it our mission to uplift and encourage our fellow mamas.
Here's a little bit about us:
  • Founded MLC at the end of 2016. 
  • Boy mom
  • Writer at andifranklin
  • Avid wine drinker
  • Netflix binger

I believe in the power of kindness and that we are all meant to do this life together, as one big community of folks who love on one another. That's why I am so passionate about this movement and why it has become my life's mission to serve others. 



  • Rooted in Massachusetts 
  • Girl mom
  • Creator of wellnourishedmamas
  • Network marketer in the health and wellness industry

I am passionate about building community and encouraging other women on their journeys through motherhood. 



  • Married to my childhood sweetheart
  • Boy mom
  • Dinosaur expert
  • Queen of TMI
  • Creator of Milk Media

I love other moms and I love sharing this journey with so many women who inspire me. The serendipity of life excites me, and I thank God daily for my many blessing and trust that He is right next to me as I navigate through the mommy trenches.