Five Things We're Loving Lately

1. Some days (okay, okay, most days!) Mom Life is HARD, and the only thing that can help power you through the chaos is coffee (until its time to wine down, amiright?) This is exactly why Gina Kirk created Mom Life Must Haves, a super cute boutique that's filled with shirts, drinkware and accessories that will add a little humor to your day. We LOVE their "Surviving Motherhood One Sip At A Time" mugs, which is why we included them in this months Shower Box! Get or gift yours HERE ... and make sure that you're following @MomLifeMustHave and @MamaLoveCollective on Instagram because we miiiiight be partnering up to do a giveaway on Tuesday!

2. Know this: "
Happiness is remembering to take care of you; remembering to get your eyebrows waxed, taking a long walk alone, reading or spending five minutes every morning in meditation. Happiness is also found in mess. Those moments when you should be making dinner but instead you sit on the couch and watch Peter Rabbit with your son. You feel it in that moment as you let go of what you “should be doing” and just be." Finish Don't Let A To-Do List Stand Between You + Happiness over on Motherly."

3. Andi just started the 21 Day Kelsey VanKirk's FREE Get Simplified Challenge and she's loving it. She explains that, "Each day you get an email with some encouragement and an action step to take towards simplifying your life so that you can live and act with purpose rather than overwhelm." Um, hello! What mama doesn't need some of that!? A group challenge started on August 1st, but you can sign up for the course at any time!

4. Stephanie can't recommend the Lush Cup o'Coffee Face and Body Mask enough! It's infused with real coffee grounds and cocoa to help scrub away impurities and wake up a tired complexion. Steph says that when she washes it off, her skin instantly looks brighter, plus it smells like a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee. You can use it day or night, and the best part is, you don't need to microwave it three times (because #momlife) to enjoy it ;)

5. And we'll sign off for the day with one of Kym's favorite quotes. Pay it forward and share this image with a fellow mama who could use a little pick me up!  

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