August Self Love Challenge


Hey ladies, we want to try something new around here. So often as moms we are running 100 mph chasing our littles or shuffling everyone off to the next event that we forget to take a second and really check in with ourselves.

Imagine if you had a daily conversation with yourself. Check in with yourself like you do your best friend, or your mom.

Maybe just a little, “hey Steph, how are you doing today? How are you feeling? What do YOU want to do today?”.

You might be surprised by some of the answers.

Go ahead, give it a try.

Yea, right now.

Do it in your head, or for funsies do it out loud.

Nothing is more fun than talking to yourself randomly and catching the side eye of your husband. But for real, isn’t it sad that when we take a second to stop thinking about our family’s needs and consider our own for a second we feel like we are being selfish?

Well lets change that way of thinking. And that is what we are trying to accomplish with this month’s challenge.

Introducing the first ever, Mama Love Collective Self Love Challenge.


So here is how it will work:

1. You can either print out 31 copies of the Self Love PDF. If you have a fancy printer make them front and back. You can even put them in a plastic sleeve and use dry erase but I think it will be interesting to look back over your 31 days of self-love journey.
2. Fill in the blanks:
A. Daily Mantra, This Could be anything…” I am a badass bitch”, “I will not cry today”, “I am more than someone’s snack bitch.” You decide. Have a new mantra every day or stick with the same one for the month.
B. Get in the habit of at least 1 self-care practice a day. We aren’t talking a daily trip to the spa for a Swedish massage, but hey if that’s what you want to do you do you boo. It can be anything, sometimes just eating breakfast sitting down and on a plate can count. Maybe you do a face mask at night, go for a run, meditate, journal. Whatever will feed your soul.
C. 3 things you love about yourself. Does the thought of this part make you cringe? Well that’s a sign you need this challenge now more than ever.
3 things for 31days, that’s 93 things you love about yourself. GET. IT. GURL. It shouldn’t be too hard, there is so much to love about yourself, I promise.
3. Lastly, reflect on your day and set a goal.
A. “Today I… (was a crazy lunatic who literally cried over spilled milk”)
B. Tomorrow I will… (wake up to a new day and not let the toddler pour his own milk)


And that’s all ladies. Just like working out or eating healthy, consistency is key. It’s no different with self-love. We hope with this challenge your daily self-love, daily self-check in will become a habit you want to continue.  


OK, OK, OK we will sweeten the deal as if loving yourself isn’t incentive enough. Send us pics of your completed challenge sheet and you will be put into a drawing for a chance to win one of our Raise Them Kind tees. Self-love and free clothes, YAAAASSSSS!


Click here to download the PDF for the challenge

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